Explainable and high performance machine learning.

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At Dependable Intelligence, we believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning should not only help people solve problems effectively and efficiently, but also provide solutions that are interpretable and trustworthy. That's why we have been developing a new technology that combines logical reasoning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver accurate data analysis, classification, and coherent prediction models.


Software services

Machine learning

We focus on research and development of new machine learning technology. Our latest product Silas is fast, memory efficient, and accurate for classification, prediction, and other tasks.

Big data analysis

While other tools may crash on big data, Silas can effectively analyse large data sets, streams and build insightful models.

Trusted decision making

We collaborate with Semantic Engineering to build real-time, concurrent, and probabilistic models of decision making systems. We use an industrial-grade formal verification tool called PAT to produce trustworthy models and analyses.

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Technical Director

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Operating Director

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Financial Director